30-Year-Old Woman Died In A House Fire In Fremont

30-Year-Old Woman Died In A House Fire In Fremont – As a result of a house fire that took place on Friday in Fremont, Washington, the life of a woman who was in her 30s was taken from this world. That is the spot where the fire initially broke out. WANE 15 has been provided with the information that the Coroner of Steuben County believed was essential in order to respond to your inquiry. He forwarded this information to WANE 15. One of the victims of the fire that occurred earlier that morning was a woman named Kylie Davenport.

According to the results of the investigation that was carried out by the coroner, there were three other people who were able to safely flee the scene of the occurrence while it was still happening while they were inside the house. When WANE 15 first reported the incident on Friday, there was a very limited amount of information about it that was accessible to the general public. Firefighters in Angola were called to a home in the 9100 block of E. 200 N. just before 4:30 a.m.

According to a statement that was issued by the Department of Homeland Security for the state of Indiana, the investigation is still ongoing. In the obituary for Davenport, it is stated that she was the mother of two kids and that she was in the process of getting married at the time that she died away. Both of these details are addressed in relation to the period of her passing. She had just recently graduated from Angola High School and was working at Angola Wire when we had our interview with her.

At the time, she was working there, she was also a new employee. In addition, she had just recently begun working there. In the obituary for Davenport, it was said that he “had a heart of gold” and that he “would give the world for anyone and everyone just to see them smile.” Davenport had already passed away prior to the publication of the obituary, which came after his passing.

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