Alain Hage Obituary, Mississauga ON, RBC Royal Bank Director, Has Passed Away

Alain Hage Obituary, Death – most Merciful, most Beneficiant Hage passed away on June 5, 2003 while he was surrounded by his family at the time of his passing. He had been ill for some time. He had been dealing with his illness for some time. On June 5th, he took his last breath and departed this world. He was able to look back on a life that had not only been successful but had also provided him with a sense of fulfillment. spouse to whom Hage, formerly known as Zabian, is deeply devoted and who holds a special place in her heart. Hage previously went by the name Zabian when he was using an alias.

He is the father of Gazy, Ali, Fastima, and Shamma, and he treats each of his children with the same amount of undivided attention that he does the others. A loving grandfather doting over his eight adorable grandchildren as they were all just beginning their lives together. Beloved brother to Mohamed Hage (Calgary, Alberta), Javdat Hage, (London, Ontario), and Mehdi Hage (Lebanon), as well as Hussein Hage (Oakville, Ontario), in addition to the sisters Husein Abdo (Lebanon) and Salema (who has since moved away). Additionally, Salema managed to survive.

In addition to that, Salema was able to stay alive. On Friday, June 6, 2003, the Funeral Service was held in the mosque known as the Dominion. The actual service took place in the mosque, which also served as the venue for the event. The funeral was conducted at the Essex’s Country Meadows Cemetery, which also served as the location for the interment of the deceased at the cemetery. The cemetery was used for both of these purposes. The responsibility of ensuring that all of the necessary arrangements are finished at this time has been given to DeMarco Funeral Home (Chapel Of Angels), Inc.. This responsibility has been entrusted to them.

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