Ashley Summers Obituary, Lafayette IN, Died Apparently From Water Toxicity

Ashley Summers Obituary, Death – I literally cannot believe I am about to type these words. Yesterday afternoon, it was determined that my sister, who had been living in Indiana, had passed away. Her brain had swollen to the point where it cut off the blood supply to her brain, which caused her to lose consciousness. It would appear that the water’s toxicity was to blame for all of this. She spent the whole weekend on the water and ended up being really dehydrated as a result.

On Tuesday, she consumed a lot of water (at one point, four bottles in less than thirty minutes), and she was thirsty throughout the day. Because of all of this, the tissue in her brain started to bulge. After becoming unconscious at the hospital on Tuesday evening, she did not regain consciousness again.
She could still be alive if she had ingested the water more slowly or consumed Gatorade instead of the water. Please do some reading up on the dangers of drinking contaminated water, all of you. It is possible that it will save someone’s life.

My sister will be greatly missed by many people, including her parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends. She also leaves behind a husband who adored her, as well as two small girls who were younger than 10 years old. Love you Ashley! It’s hard to imagine you’ll be gone in such a little time. Because of the harmful effects of polluted water, we had to say goodbye to a wonderful woman who was also a wife, mother, daughter, and friend. In case you are unaware of what this is, I have provided an explanation below in the comments section. Because she is a donor, Ashley will be able to help save lives.


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