Caleb Southern Obituary, Durham Nc, Musician And Record Producer, Has Passed Away

Caleb Southern Obituary, Death –is a musician, producer, engineer, town designer, inventor, lecturer, and most importantly, a great friend. He is also known as a genius. Between the years 1990 and 1996, we collaborated on probably over a hundred musical projects, the majority of which were recorded at the former Cats Cradle, which is now known as Kraptone Studios, before and after performances. Other times, we recorded at makeshift studios or in sessions that lasted for many days.

As a recording partner, I have a hard time thinking of anybody else who I could bounce often unconventional ideas off of (that generally worked), and I’d frequently wait around to watch him perform magic on sessions I wasn’t participating in. Im hard pressed to think of anyone else who I could do this. He is just as responsible for the development of the “Chapel Hill sound” during those years when creativity and attention were at their highest as any of the bands themselves were.

He used us as a guinea pig band when he was just starting out, and he made us sound a lot better than we actually were at the time (and we’re far from the only ones in that regard). Blue-Green Gods was his guinea pig band. I’m too overwhelmed to fully organize my thoughts at the moment, but as a creative partner and friend, Caleb was among the greatest; I regret that we did not keep in touch as our lives took separate paths. After achieving massive success with records by Archers of Loaf and Ben Folds Five.


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