Emily Gerding Car Accident, Robbinsdale MN, Fatal Car Crash In Robbinsdale Linked To Speeding Tesla Driver

Emily Gerding Car Accident, Robbinsdale MN: A incident that occurred on Saturday night in Robbinsdale was caused by a car that was traveling at an excessive speed and had just fled the scene of an attempted traffic check. As a result of the collision, a woman was killed, and another man sustained severe injuries. The driver had just gotten away from the location where the officer was attempting to conduct a traffic check when the event took place.

According to the Robbinsdale Police Department, the incident began around 8:15 p.m. when a Robbinsdale police officer passed another car that was traveling at a high rate of speed on 42nd Avenue North near Highway 100. The other vehicle was traveling in the opposite direction of the officer’s patrol car. The officer was moving in the same direction as the second car, which was heading in the other direction. The officer was moving in the exact opposite direction of the vehicle that was being pursued by the other vehicle. The officer claims that he was able to clock the speed of the vehicle as it was traveling on the city roadway, and that he was able to determine that it was traveling at a speed of 55 miles per hour.

The officer reportedly noticed the driver of the vehicle, who was a man dressed in all black and wearing a face mask, after jotting down the license plate number of the vehicle. According to the report, the officer then made a U-turn and tried to get back up to speed on the vehicle in order to pull it over for a traffic violation before the driver could get away. However, the report from the police indicates that the driver attempted to elude the officer by engaging in a variety of evasive maneuvers while they were being pursued by the officer.

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