Hitoshi Ura Obituary, Decapitated Man Unearthed In Japanese Love Hotel

Hitoshi Ura Obituary, Death – After discovering the body of a guy who had been beheaded in a love hotel in Susukino, the police in Japan are currently looking for more information. The body of the victim, who was identified by the authorities as a Hokkaido resident named Hitoshi Ura and was 62 years old, was discovered on July 2. According to Japan Times, security cameras saw Ura entering the love hotel with an unidentified guest who was wearing women’s attire and carrying a backpack as well as a suitcase.

Ura was also seen entering the hotel with the guest. Ura was discovered naked and without any of his personal things, including his head, which, according to the police, they believe was removed in an effort to prevent the victim from being identified. Ura was found without his head. The suspect was recorded on surveillance tape entering the room with Ura before exiting the room alone around three hours later. The investigators are looking for any more details they may find.

According to The Asahi Shimbun, an autopsy determined that a stab wound was the cause of death, and detectives stated that the head was removed post-mortem on the deceased individual. According to the outlet, a worker discovered Ura the following day in the restroom, leading investigators to suspect the crime took place in that location.

On July 9, the police questioned people in the neighborhood, asking them if they had been in the vicinity of the hotel in the previous week. According to a report in the Asahi Shimbun, the head investigator at the Sapporo Chuo Police Station, Daiki Kanamori, claimed that the investigation is moving forward.

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