Huebner Makurat Obituary, 44 Year Old Woman Was Struck By A Stray Bullet From An Altercation Between Three Males

Huebner Makurat Obituary, Death – On a Saturday afternoon as the sun was setting, the neighborhood of Leslieville was bustling with activity. There were parents pushing children in strollers and couples walking hand in hand. However, there was also a developing picture of mourning at the corner of Queen and Carlaw. It was an homage to Karolina Huebner-Makurat, who was slain in a daytime shooting on Friday. Huebner-Makurat was 44 years old. What started off as a handful of sunflowers in the morning — a single stalk in a pot inscribed “Rest in Peace” and a small bouquet concealed behind a pipe — had grown into a half-dozen potted plants and arrangements of vibrant blooms by the middle of the day. This was a significant expansion from the first display.

A note read, “We are so very sorry for your loss,” and it was attached to one of the plants. The shooting that took place on Friday, just before 12:30 p.m., has caused waves to be felt across this hamlet located in the east end. The police have stated that there was a complaint of a shooting near the intersection of Queen and Carlaw, and that they were later informed that the shooting was the result of an alleged verbal and physical dispute across the street. A woman in her forties was initially the only person who could be positively recognized after being hit by a stray bullet.

According to the police, there was an attempt made to save the woman’s life, and she was rushed to a trauma center in Toronto; nevertheless, it was ultimately determined that she had passed away. In spite of the growing size of the memorial early on Saturday morning, the public was still unaware of the woman’s identify. However, by the early afternoon, the police had published a press release in which they identified the deceased person as Huebner-Makurat.

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