Janine Krivejko Obituary, Peter Krivejko Wife Has Sadly Passed Away

Janine Krivejko Obituary, Death – This post is quite difficult for me to write for some reason. It is with great sorrow that I must inform you that the love of my life, Janine Lojek Stanchfield Krivejko, passed away suddenly on Friday, July 7th. Please accept my deepest condolences. She was my true life companion throughout the entire journey. At least ten to twenty times a day, we assured one another that we loved and cared for one another. We were practically made for one another.

We had the same twisted sense of humor, which made us both hilarious but also led us to believe that there must be something seriously amiss with either one of us. We supported and aided one another. We both tried to mask part of our suffering since we were aware of the impact it would have on the other person. We were one person. We were each other’s worst nightmare, but we would go to ANY lengths for the other person. I have lost a significant amount of who I am. I misplaced the most important aspect of myself.

She was without a doubt one of the most charitable individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Her family is a part of my own. She devoted the most of her life to assisting other people while working in a field that she was extremely enthusiastic about. There was not a single canine on the face of the globe that she did not unconditionally adore and pampered. She was the flower child to my old-school values. She brought disorder to my already orderly life. It’s possible that she knew me better than I know myself at times.


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