Kevin Andrew Collins Missing Person Found, Where was Kevin Collins last seen?

Kevin Andrew Collins Missing Found – In February of 1984, it was reported that San Francisco resident Kevin Collins, then 10 years old, had gone missing. Collins made the decision to take the bus home after getting out of his basketball practice, rather than traveling home with his teammates like he normally would have done. He was last seen waiting at the bus stop and conversing with a man with a black dog. Collins has never been seen since.

The strange circumstances surrounding the child’s disappearance made headlines and caused widespread panic in the neighborhood. The child was 10 years old. Due to a lack of evidence and witness testimony, the original investigation into the case conducted by the police did not result in the conviction of anyone. The few suspects the police had regarding the case were let go after no connections were found between them and Collins.

In 2013, nearly three decades after Kevin Collins was last seen alive, the cold case unit of the San Francisco Police Department revived the inquiry into his disappearance, began an investigation, and uncovered significant discoveries that altered the course of the case. In the upcoming rebroadcast of the fourth season episode of People Magazine Investigates titled Without a Trace, Investigation Discovery’s People Magazine Investigates will examine this peculiar case and reveal insights about it that have never been discussed before.

In the investigation that was carried out in 2013 by the San Francisco Police Department, it was discovered that the person Kevin Collins was last seen speaking to at the bus stop outside of his basketball practice was none other than Wayne Jackson, a neighbor of Collins’ who was later shockingly revealed to have been a convicted pedophile.

The revelation that Jackson was a pedophile came as a result of the investigation that was carried out in 2013. After investigating Jackson’s past, the police discovered that he had been sentenced to six months in jail just two years before Kevin Collins’ disappearance for allegedly sexually assaulting a seven-year-old boy in a nearby area.

This information was discovered when the police investigated Jackson’s criminal background. It was also found that Jackson had fled Canada five years earlier after being convicted of kidnapping and sexually assaulting two 13-year-old boys who lived in his town. This information came to light after it was discovered that Jackson had been on the run.

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