Leonardo Colon Obituary, Yailyn Colon Sister Has Passed Away

Leonardo Colon Obituary, Death – He was a robust and active man who helped me in the caregiving of both my sick mother and his one and only grandchild, who happened to be my son Aaden. Both of these responsibilities fell on my shoulders. Within his family, he was the only grandchild of any age. He was a responsible head of household for his family. I am Yailyn Colon, and I am one of Leonardo Colon’s children. My father’s name is Leonardo Colon.

Leonardo Colon is the name of my paternal grandfather. My maternal grandfather’s name was Leonardo Colon, and his name was Leonardo Colon as well. After he fought valiantly against ADRS inflamed lungs caused by pneumonia in his lungs, on July 11 we said our final goodbyes to our father. He had fought this gallant struggle for a long time. He had to leave us. He had been engaged in this conflict for a significant amount of time at this point. Even though we are all in

a state of shock and disbelief, we take refuge in the fact that he lived a long and healthy life and was able to assist me in taking care of my sick mother and in raising my son Aaden, who was his only child. This brings us some measure of comfort in spite of the fact that we are all in a state of shock and disbelief. In spite of the shock and bewilderment we feel, having this knowledge provides us with some level of solace. Leonardo Colon was known throughout his community as a generous and helpful benefactor.

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