Loren Pickford Obituary, The Great Musicians Has Passed Away

Loren Pickford Obituary, Death – The news of Loren Pickford’s passing has left me with a terrible feeling of loss. Loren was a truly dazzling and shining star among the many excellent musicians I’ve had the pleasure of knowing throughout my life. He was such a wonderful person, both on the inside on the outside. He served as a guide and instructor for a great number of us when we were just starting out and attempting to comprehend what it implies to be a musician who

makes a career. He came from a family of artists of great talent and repute, and he himself was an extraordinarily accomplished and passionate artist. He exuded an air of serenity and experience, as if he’d been around for a very long time and remembered every detail of each of his previous incarnations. During that little period of time, he made his home in the basement of the rental house that I was renting. On sometimes, you’d find him occupying the space above

playing the piano that I owned. His abilities on the flute and alto sax were among the best in the world. Evenings spent on the bandstand with him were like to attending the most prestigious educational institution one could possibly want to enroll in. Whenever I was in his vicinity, I had the distinct impression that I was in the company of a member of the royal family. I used to run into him in the mornings at the Tower Cafe, where he would be drawing or writing in his journal while sipping his coffee and smoking smokes. He was the kind of throwback person who would have been at home in a dingy, musty bistro first thing in the morning. While all of the typical, hard-working folks,

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