Lydia Nowak Obituary, Dearborn, Michigan Longtime Resident Has Passed Away

Lydia Nowak Obituary, Death – Yesterday evening, my mother, Lydia Nowak, passed away in a calm and serene manner. She was a woman of profound faith and a dedicated wife, daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, and, most recently, great-grandmother to her family. When it came to her family, she consistently prioritized taking care of us and putting herself last. She wished only the best for us and pushed each of us to perform to our utmost potential in return.

Both she and our father, Richard, put in hard work and made selfless sacrifices in order to care for our family. Who, then, are we going to consult in order to learn more about our family history? She has a memory that could not be equaled by anyone else. Everyone who knew her had genuine affection for her. She held her extended family and

friends, as well as the members of her church group at St. Catherine’s, in the highest regard. Her entire life, which spanned 95 years, was rich with love and happiness, and I can say without a doubt that she made the most of those years.Mom, I shall miss you greatly, but I know that you will continue to watch over all of us in the same way that you have in the past. I love you.

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