Margueritte Thayer Obituary, South Yarmouth MA, Margueritte Thayer Has Sadly Passed Away

Margueritte Thayer Obituary, Death – In life, we often encounter people who touch our hearts and leave a lasting impact. When it’s time to bid farewell to someone we love and cherish, the emotions can be overwhelming. Family and friends recently said their goodbyes to their beloved Margueritte M Thayer, who passed away at the age of 91 on June 3, 2023, in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts. Margueritte’s departure from this world has left a void in the lives of those who knew her, but her legacy of love, compassion, and joy will live on forever in the hearts of those she touched.

Born to Agda Blanchard (Desaulniers), Margueritte’s life journey was marked by love and selflessness. She was not only a devoted mother to her children, Jen and Jeff, but she also took on the role of a godmother to Mike Connors, showing her nurturing and caring nature that extended beyond her immediate family. Margueritte was a pillar of strength and support for her daughters, Maureen “Mo” Conlon-Peirce of Maine and Doris “Dot” Charpentier of Ohio, providing them with the guidance and love they needed to flourish in life.

Margueritte’s warmth and affection were not limited to her children and godson; she extended her love to her nieces, Diane and Yvonne Mullen, and her nephew Michael Thayer, creating strong bonds with them that transcended the boundaries of family ties.

Throughout her life, Margueritte was no stranger to challenges and heartaches. She faced the loss of her mother, Agda, and the end of her marriage with Frederic J. Thayer. Despite the difficulties, she showed resilience and the ability to find joy in life’s simplest pleasures. Her strength and courage were an inspiration to those around her, proving that even in the face of adversity, love and kindness can prevail.

As Margueritte’s loved ones gather to celebrate her life and mourn her passing, they find solace in the memories they shared with her. From joyous family gatherings to quiet moments of connection, Margueritte’s presence was a source of comfort and happiness for all. Her warm smile and caring nature have left an indelible mark on the hearts of everyone she knew.

In honoring Margueritte’s memory, her family has suggested that those who wish to pay their respects consider making a donation to the Center for Eye Research and Education. The chosen cause resonates deeply with Margueritte’s legacy of kindness, as it aims to help others preserve their sight. By giving to this worthy mission, friends and family can contribute to a cause that held meaning and importance to Margueritte.

As the guestbook fills with messages of sympathy and fond memories, the outpouring of love is a testament to the impact Margueritte had on the lives of those around her. Through the tears and sorrow of saying goodbye, the memories of her love and compassion will bring smiles to the faces of those she left behind.

Saying goodbye to someone we love is never easy, but it is also an opportunity to celebrate a life well-lived and cherish the moments shared. Margueritte M Thayer’s legacy of love, kindness, and selflessness will continue to inspire and comfort those she loved, reminding them that her spirit will forever be present in their hearts.

In this time of grief, may Margueritte’s family find strength in the support of friends and the warm memories shared. As they say goodbye to their beloved mother, grandmother, godmother, and friend, may they find comfort in the knowledge that Margueritte’s love will live on in their hearts, forever guiding and nurturing them as they continue their life journey.

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