Michael Politte Murder, Washington MI, How did a teen sleepover turn into a murder investigation?

Michael Politte Obituary, Death – On December 4, 1998, SanSoucie and his classmate Michael Politte, then 14 years old, arranged to meet at a convenience shop in their hometown of Hopewell. Michael had Josh over to play chess and video games, and the two ended up spending the night at Michael’s place. Michael claims that the kids in his rural community regularly gather around the train lines after midnight to roast marshmallows and play cards.

They didn’t stay away from Michael’s residence for long, according to the lads. Michael’s mom, 40-year-old Rita Politte, came home from her job at a bar, and the family went to bed shortly after. Before 6:30 a.m., Michael and Josh said, they woke up to find their house full of smoke. Michael yelled for his mother as he and his friend crawled and approached the front entrance. He did not receive a response. During a conversation, Moriarty questioned Michael, “Michael, what are you feeling at this point?”

“Panic, fear,” Politte echoed. Michael claims he saw his mother lying in her bed when he entered her room. She was on fire from the hips up, and there was blood on her legs. I was at a loss for words. The two teenagers said they were asleep a couple of rooms away when Rita Politte was brutally murdered (bludgeoned and set on fire). Josh and Michael were both subjected to extensive interrogation by police in the wake of the murder.

Michael was arrested for his mother’s murder just two days after the tragedy, despite his and his father’s denials that they had any role. The investigation team noted that Michael did not appear to be affected by the crime. They also claimed that Michael failed a voice stress test and that an accelerant-smelling dog had sounded the alarm on his shoes the morning of the murder. The results of voice stress tests are typically not acceptable in court because of the controversy surrounding them.

In addition, Josh gave a filmed interview to the police before Michael was arrested, and his answers seemed to contradict Michael’s version of events. Josh had been sleeping on the floor next to Michael’s bed. In that recorded conversation, Josh mentioned that he had awakened in the middle of the night to a commotion and that Michael had been absent.

“I don’t remember ever saying that,” SanSoucie said in his first broadcast interview since then. To add insult to injury, “And I feel like if I said that, then it was maybe at a weak point or something.” Now, SanSoucie claims that he never noticed Michael was gone during any of his brief nighttime awakenings.

He recalled to “48 Hours” that he had told his mother during the interrogation, “They keep insisting that I’m lying. I have no idea if what I’m saying is true. Josh did provide additional context for his earlier remark during a deposition before to Michael’s trial. Josh claimed that he never even got out of bed on the floor and that he always saw the man sleeping there. I didn’t want to disturb him as he slept.

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