Milan Kundera Obituary, Bestselling Influential Czech-Born Author Dies At 94

Milan Kundera Obituary, Death – In the month of December in 1968, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Carlos Fuentes got off of an airplane in Prague that was carrying both of them. The two authors had come to show their support for their fellow authors in Czechoslovakia and to provide an analysis of the historic events that had transpired over the course of the previous year, specifically how the hopes of Alexander Dubcek’s Prague Spring had dissipated into the endless autumn of the Soviet patriarch.

They had also come to demonstrate their support for their fellow authors in Czechoslovakia. The late novelist and essayist Milan Kundera, who was from the Czech Republic and passed away at the age of 94, served as their host during their visit. Kundera sent his guests to a sauna since it is the only place in the city that cannot be bugged, and he wanted to make sure that they were able to speak freely with each other. After the tourists’ bodies started to overheat and steam started to build.

They made inquiries about the whereabouts of a site where they might cool off and get some relief from the heat. They were led by the Czechs to a rear door that led out onto a hole in the ice that covered the Vltava river. After he made a gestural pointing motion in the direction of the river, the group descended to the river’s edge in preparation for his arrival. But Kundera remained there on the shore, grinning as these blossoming of popsicle-like Latin American literature sprang from the icy sea like a greenhouse full of flowers.

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