Neha Dewakar Obituary, San Diego California, Has Passed Away

Neha Dewakar Obituary, Death – At this very moment, one of my sisters is facing the single most heartbreaking circumstance that can befall a parent. This circumstance is the loss of a child. It was brought to our attention the day before yesterday that her youngest daughter Neha had passed away. The news of her passing was quite tragic. She had recently turned 23, completed the undergraduate degree she had been working on.

And secured an excellent job for herself. She was ultimately able to accomplish her lifelong ambition in San Diego alongside her siblings, but unfortunately, she did not live to see it through because she passed away before it was completed. We have absolutely no idea what to respond with at this point. They have not been successful up to this point in identifying the factors that contributed to the individual’s demise!

Because my brother Jeff is getting ready to go through with a second bone marrow transplant, I flew to Houston to be by his side as he gets ready for the operation the day before yesterday. The party to celebrate his sons’ graduation from the University of Manchester will take place in Manchester, which is also the destination for his wife and their other two sons, who will also be attending the event.

It is imperative that there be an equal number of individuals praying for us as there are mountains. I beg you to pray for the soul of Neha, as well as for her three siblings, and for the valued sister who is very important to me. Please also pray for their parents. Without the unconditional love that only God can provide, none of us will be able to make it through this trying period in our lives. I would want to take this time to thank you in advance for your love and support and I appreciate that you have been here for me. To the family of DeWakar, I pray that you will show kindness in the name of the Lord.

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