Nick Renfro Obituary, Springfield IL, Army combat veteran & Police officer has died

Nick Renfro Obituary, Death – Nick Renfro, a former professional Mixed Martial Artist who trained under Coach Marc Fiore, fell tragically unexpectedly. Coach Fiore was Nick Renfro’s mentor. On Sunday, July 9, 2023, it was reported that Nick Renfro, who resided in Springfield, Illinois, had passed away.

People on social media are speculating that he died of a drug overdose, despite the fact that the official cause of death has not been determined. In a similar vein, there have been no individuals connected to Nick Renfro who have come forward to confirm the report. Nick has been working as a Police Officer in the state of Illinois since 2011, putting his Bachelor of Science degree in Justice Administration and Law Enforcement Administration to good use.

Nick earned his degree from Western Illinois University. Nick has had a variety of positions during the course of his career, some of which include Field Training Officer,¬†Operator for the SWAT team, instructor for firearms, and member of the gang squad at the police department. He had ownership of Paladin Combatives at the time. In addition to these tasks, he boasts a strong desire for hands-on combative, which he practices regularly. Nick’s passion for martial arts eventually led him to become a Gracie fighter.

Instructor of Survival Tactics who received his instruction from the famed Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Evandro Nunes of the world-famous Gracie University. Nunes is a graduate of Gracie University. Nick is a combat veteran of the United States Army, and he was awarded the famous Purple Heart for his bravery in service during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

Notably, he served the famous 832nd Engineer Company as the Modern Army Combatives instructor, where he shared his knowledge and expertise with other soldiers. In addition to his achievements in the military, Coach Nick continues to be deeply committed to imparting his extensive expertise to law enforcement officers all around the world.

Through his social media presence, which was once known as LEOCombatFitness and has now been rebranded as @LEOCombatives, he maintains an active engagement with the community of law enforcement officers. Additionally, he has been asked to participate as a guest on a number of podcasts and interviews, where he continues to enlighten and motivate others by sharing the lessons he has learned and the experiences he has had.

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