Perrottet addresses the media on an urgent bushfire notice south of Perth.

Perrottet addresses the media on an

Perrottet gives a negative response when questioned about whether or not the cabinet of the Liberal Party trusts him. Yes. True, I do. The prime minister then restates his former assertions, this time admitting that he made mistakes when he was younger. My other employees provide me with a significant amount of support on a daily basis. My attention is currently directed toward the future of our state rather than ruminating on its history.

Perrottet makes it very evident that he intends to bear the blame when he responds to the question regarding prospective guests at the party by stating that “it’s not about other people” and that “what’s essential is that I did it.” I have no recollection of it. There have been a lot of people who have questioned me about who was there. When it was a long time ago. What I am conscious of due to the fact that I was present and am aware of the things I did.

The argument that the prime minister should have been more experienced leads to another loss for him. I was too young and naive to understand it in that context when I first heard about it. And that was the straightforward reality of the circumstance at hand. Since I didn’t see it that way, I made a huge error, but now that I’ve reacted, I’m not going to continue this conversation any further.

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