Thomas Rupert Obituary, Special Forces Association Parachute Team Member Has Died

Thomas Rupert Obituary, Death – We are passing on the tragic news of the death of our Chapter Vice President Thomas C. Rupert “TC” with a great deal of regret and a heavy feeling in our hearts. His passing was unexpected and unexpectedly tragic. TC served our organization for a significant amount of time as a member. The suddenness with which he passed away contributed even further to the sorrow of the circumstance. Because of the important function he played in our chapter, it is quite possible that each and every one of its members would feel a terrible feeling of loss upon learning of his passing.

This is because of the crucial role that he played in our chapter. This is as a result of the influence that he wielded. This is as a direct outcome of the significant part that he played in the process that was being described. The get-together is scheduled to take place on July 8, 2023, at the house that everyone on the Chapter 1-18 Team shares together and which will also serve as the venue for the event. Members of the Special Forces Association Parachute team and members of the All-Veterans Parachute team took part in an ash jump that was performed in honor of Thomas C. Rupert.

The jump was named in his memory. As a token of appreciation for Thomas’s service in the armed services of the United States, the jump was carried out. It is of the utmost significance that we do not forget our fellow military members, both while they are still living and after they have passed away. This is true both during the time that they were with us and after they were no longer with us. This is something that should be at the forefront of our minds at all times. This was the case both while they were still present with us and after they had departed from our midst. This responsibility rests directly on each and every one of our shoulders, and we must meet it together.

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