Tim Lorimer Obituary, Toronto ON, CBC Radio Engineer, Has Passed Away

Tim Lorimer Obituary, Death – My generation of CBC Radio people is a rather tiny group of people, despite the fact that we are spread out across the country. We are all familiar with one another, have an understanding of each other’s capabilities and limitations, rejoice in one another’s achievements, share a good time together online, and console one another when things go wrong. We are practically a village, and to my opinion, we are very similar to Kenaston, Saskatchewan, which was the physical hamlet that served as the focal point of my life while I was growing up.

As a result of the sudden and unexpected passing of our good friend and former coworker Tim Lorimer this past week, our group is going through one of the toughest times in its history. On Wednesday, Tim was killed in a swimming accident that occurred close to Toronto. Tim was a leading studio technician at the CBC Radio network during my time there. He worked with all the big radio stars that you surely remember, and they were always delighted to see him at the controls. However, he is most closely linked with the “Quirks and Quarks” show.

During the time that I spent working at CBC Toronto in a variety of capacities, Tim and I shared many exciting experiences in the studio. But the most of our professional interaction took place over long distances, with him expertly anchoring the technical stuff in the Big Smoke and me stumbling my way through operating the controls in Regina. It required someone with a level mind and a robust sense of humor to keep things calm and knit together back then since the technology that was used to link remote studios was significantly more complex and delicate than it is today.



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