Tony Gilbert Obituary, my composition professor for a little over two years Has Passed Away

Tony Gilbert Obituary, Death – I recently found out that the beautiful guy Tony Gilbert had died away, and I would want to take a moment to pay him a small homage. Tony Gilbert passed away a few of days ago. I am completely devastated by the news, and my thoughts and prayers go out to his loved ones and friends. Beginning in 1999, I was extremely fortunate to have Tony as my composition professor for a little over two years,

and in that short amount of time, he was able to make a significant impact on my life. I had two sessions with him every week, one that was technical and one that was centered on whatever I was writing at the moment, all year round even during the summer holidays, and boy, was he harsh. Always backing up his often quite harsh criticisms of the music with inspiring tools, techniques, and suggestions for score study,

and never letting anything slip under the radar without a pathway for possible improvement, he insisted on 8 to 10 minutes of new music a week in addition to a ton of exercises. He was also constantly challenging and pushing me to be more ambitious with the writing. He was not just a superb scientist but also a philosopher, and he taught by asking questions that frequently included three or four layers of implication each.

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